Version 1.5 fixes several crashes, addresses performance issues, and fixes several Python modules!

  • All modules that had dependancies on shared objects (.so modules) are now working! This includes: multiprocessing (, future_builtins, ctypes ( and, sqlite3 (, hotshot (, _scproxy (, _lsprof (, heapq (, json (, io (, bz2, and dbm!
  • The interactive help() utility now works!
  • All input/raw_input/sys.stdin/etc bugs should be fixed (please email me if you come across any input bugs - jon at pythonforios dot com).
  • Fixed a crash when loading the Script Editor tab.
  • File operations (opening/closing/saving/auto-saving/etc) are much more stable and reliable.
  • Improved Script Editor syntax highlighting performance.
  • Several other bug fixes and optimizations.