Update 1.5.4

  • Script Editor fixes: Improved file handling and a fix for the broken Keyboard Symbols Toolbar.

Update 1.5.3

  • Script Editor crash fix and performance improvements.

Update 1.5.2

  • Crash fixes. Added the PyLZMA library. Interrupting time.sleep() finally works!

Update 1.5.1

  • Crash fixes.
  • raw_input() fix for the Script Editor tab.

Update 1.5

  • Crash and performance fixes.
  • All Python shared modules (.so files) now work!

Update 1.4

  • Script Manager to organize scripts, modules, etc.
  • Configure all Python environment variables: PYTHONUNBUFFERED, PYTHONHASHSEED, etc.

Update 1.3.1

  • Fixed iOS 5.1 stdout bug.

Update 1.3

  • Fixed several bugs.

Update 1.2

  • Interpreter Keyboard Toolbar for common symbols.
  • Script Editor Keyboard symbols toolbar and cursor navigation buttons (Left/Right/Up/Down).
  • Swipe Left / Right to navigate back / forward in the Documentation tab.
  • Setting for changing the default indent width (2, 4, 6, or 8 spaces).
  • The "io" and "urllib" modules (as well as several other previously broken modules) now work!

Update 1.1

  • Customize font size, text color (stdout/stderr/prompt/info), and background color
  • Enter exact color values for all types of text and background!
  • Export (via email) interpreter sessions and script files

Initial Release 1.0

  • Interpreter Tab for interactive pythoning.
  • Script Editor Tabb for testing and editing scripts and modules.
  • Complete official Python 2.7.2 documentation included for offline reference.